Let me introduce myself. I am Zora Messing Natanblut, a first time author. I am also a retired manual holistic physical therapist. I have  been happily married 58 years to my teenage sweetheart. I am a mother of three grown children and six wonderful grandchildren. 

I never dreamed of writing a book, especially one about myself. This book came about because I chose to do a bunch of challenges for my 65th birthday, to prove to myself that I could be successful.  I also knew at this point in time none of my friends were interested in doing challenges.

I was able to prove to myself that neither my age nor disability would stop me from succeeding. My accomplishments helped me  realize that it is  possible to  “Dis” the “Dis” in  Disablity. This  became the theme of my memoir. I recognized that with age comes wisdom, insight and healing. Writing up my accomplishments of the challenges became the first  written  chapter for this book